No Project Name Project Location Installed Capacity
Attributable Installed Capacity
Projects in Operation
1 Phase I of Guangdong Dongguan Project Guangdong Province 360 100 360
2 Phase II of Guangdong Dongguan Project Guangdong Province 940 100 940
Projects under Construction
3 Guangdong Dongguan Lisha Island Project Guangdong Province 400 95.52 382.08

As of 31 December 2018, the Group’s controlled installed capacity of natural gas power in operation was 1,300.0MW, with annual power generation of 4,400,336.0MWh, representing a year-on-year decrease of 4.36%. The decrease in power generation was primarily due to (i) the overall amount of power generated in Guangdong Province decreased gradually month-on-month attributable to the “West-to-East Power Transmission”, and that the amount of power generated by the Dongguan natural gas projects has dropped; and (ii) the decrease in natural gas supply. The natural gas power segment remains an important profit source for the Group. During the year, the power generation of this segment accounted for 43.42% of the Group’s total power generation. The current capacity under construction of the segment was 400.0MW (Guangdong Dongguan Lisha Island Project). The project is progressing as planned and is expected to commence operation in 2019.